About me


Hello, and many thanks for your interest.

I was born in Munich, Germany, and my parents originate from Turkey.
I first started to make music with my first self-built "electric guitar" at the age of 14.
I set up my first band at 16 as a bassist. After being in several other bands and playing in clubs in and around Munich for 6 years, I met Herman Frank of ACCEPT / VICTORY / PANZER, who asked me to join his new band called MOON'DOC.
I quit my job and moved to Hanover in 1995.
My work with him gave me my first real taste of being a professional musician.
After two recordings, singer Chris Bay decided to start his own FREEDOM CALL project with Daniel Zimmermann of GAMMA RAY on the drums in 1998.
The first FREEDOM CALL line-up consisted of myself, Chris Bay, Daniel Zimmermann and Sascha Gerstner (now in HELLOWEEN).
FREEDOM CALL toured Europe many times with bands such as SAXON, ANGRA, EDGUY, HAMMERFALL, BLIND GUARDIAN and appeared at countless festivals,
but in 2005 I quit FREEDOM CALL to pursue my own career.
I had my own visions of the kind of music I wanted to play.
POWERWORLD was established in 2006.
I signed a worldwide record deal for POWERWORLD in 2008.
At this time I started to give bass and guitar lessons, recorded several albums and carried out a wide range of other jobs in the studio. I played on many albums for other artists and recorded, mixed and engineered many recordings in my own MusikUndWeb / Edentone studio in Southern Germany.
After helping out many bands in my area, playing tours with POWERWORLD and carrying out a multitude of other live jobs (including for FREEDOM CALL), I re-joined my old band.

I am available for any kind of studio or live work, ANYTIME!

My current bands are:
The projects that I have been involved in are not listed above.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you need a bass player for studio work or touring.
The duration is irrelevant - I just like to be on the road.